Gas OBD2 / Stand Alone Vehicles only. Additional licensing costs may apply

OnKill Tune

  • Base Engine Calibration
  • Base Transmission Tuning for Automatics
  • Adjustments for Gear and Tire changes
  • Idle adjustments to ensure strong idle when warm
  • Dyno Tuning to refine Fueling and Timing
  • Final Dyno Printout
  • OnKill Tuning Decal


We spend a lot of time going above and beyond to make sure our customer’s cars are dialed in to their liking in every aspect. We've always taken this further than our competitors and we have no intentions of stopping that. That being said, not everybody needs or wants to pay more for this. This additional support to personalize the tune is now optional. This is called the OnKill VIP Upgrade. You can opt into this for $150 at the time of your tune or anytime within the following 3 months.


OnKill VIP Upgrade ($150)

  • Personalization of your tune
    • Cam Sounds
    • Flex Fuel
    • Transmission Shift Points
    • Transmission Pressures
    • Drivability Personalization
    • Fine Tuning of Cold Starts
  • Eligible to sign up for our track side tuning events.
  • Discounted Re-Tunes within 6-months


OnKill Tune Quotes

Modification Level
Upgrade to OnKill VIP? (Tune Personalization)
  • Our Dyno is a Land & Sea Dynomite brand Dyno. It has a 20" 3,200lb roller and is Inertia only. Our L&S Dynomite Chassis Dyno has machined in traction grooves to provide THE BEST traction on the dyno and  is capeable of well over 1000 HP!

    Vehicles must meet the following requirements or we may opt to street tune:

    • 2WD
    • Gas Vehicles Only (No Diesels)
    • RWD Vehicles can not exceed 16 Ft 2 in from front of contact patch on the front tires to the rearmost point of the vehicle (bumper or trailer hitch)
    • Tires that will be on the roller must be the same circumference around and must measure 6 Ft 9 in or less from the outside of one tire to the oitside of the other tire

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