Remote tunes purchased during the COVID pandemic include one free in person tuning session at our shop when we open back up for full operation.

For information about devices and widebands, please see our drop downs on this page, and feel free to call with any questions you may have.

Rental fees will be returned to you when we recieve our devices back in good condition. Rentals are due back within 2 weeks.

Remote Tune costs not including rental or device purchases are:
STOCK / BOLT ON - $350
HEADS / CAM - $500

Remote tunes have prerequisites. Please be sure to read this entire page before purchasing.

Strong internet connectivity will be required, along with the ability to make a phone call at the same time.

Windows 10 laptop:
- Good Battery
- 2x USB Ports

Required Knowledge:
- Ability to send and recieve e-mails with attachments
- Ability to save and find files on your computer
- Ability to complete basic software installations

OnKill Remote Tune

Modification Level
  • Remote tunes are only available for customers using HP Tuners or SCT.

    HP Tuners is our preferred software for remote tuning GM and Mopar vehicles. We offer an HP Tuners device rental so you don't have to buy a device. To see if your vehicle can be tuned using HP Tuners, please go to
    ***Additional vehicle specific costs may apply***

    We prefer SCT for tuning Ford Vehicles, or for those vehicles with limited HP Tuners support.

  • Wide band o2 sensors are required so that we can measure and accurately calibrate your vehicle's fueling. A wideband will need to be correctly installed and wired in order to complete this remote tune.

    Some newer vehicles have wide band o2 sensors from the factory, and will not requrie an auxillary one. If you're unsure if your vehicle has one, please give us a call, or select the rental option.


    A few vehicles with factory equipped widebands:

    2011+ Ford Mustangs
    Ford Ecoboost Vehicles

    If you already have an aftermarket wideband, CONTACT US before purchase.

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