A wide-band is not just a tuning tool. It is also a great tool for ensuring your vehicle is running correctly. From a glance, you can easily see if your car is hitting the right lambda targets, or whether your fueling is wildly off. You can see data on your wide-band that helps both you and your tuner troubleshoot mechanical issues as they come up.


If your vehicle is CANBUS, you'll want to upgrde to the AEM 30-0334. This wideband plugs in as an extension of your OBD2 Port and works effortlessly for dtalogging.


Where do I put the Wideband?

Most WBo2 sensors come with a stainless steel exhaust bung for the sensor to thread into. These wideband do come with a bung for you. This bung should be welded as close to the front of the exhaust stream as possible, and before any catalytic converters. For the sensor's accuracy, it's crucial that you do not have any exhaust leaks up-stream of the sensor. If you are turbocharged, it's also important to know that these consumer grade sensors are not intended to be installed before the turbo, as the exhaust back pressure will affect the readings, and the extreme heat will quickly burn up the sensor.


Do these replace narrow-band o2 sensors?

Nope. Your car relies on its narrow-band o2 sensors for closed loop operation, and without your narrow-band sensors, you will not be able to learn fuel trims. Factory ECUs aren't able to understand the output of a WBo2, and would not be able to take advantage of the wealth of data provided by them.There are some WBo2s (Innovate, for instance), that can emulate a narrow-band o2 sensor and take their place. I personally would recommend the simplicity of running both the factory narrow-band sensors, and an on-board WBo2..


Please CLICK HERE to check out our article about widebands and dont hesistate to ask if you have any more questions.

AEM Wideband O2 Sensor

Which Wideband?


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