Operating Agreement

Updated: Mar 16

We've designed these guidelines and processes to provide a fair and transparent agreement between our customers and us, regarding how we can work together through the challenges we may face while working with their vehicles.

When tuning and running a vehicle wide open throttle, there are always associated risks. We ALWAYS use appropriate safeguards to ensure you have the best experience possible, and a successful calibration. While we do everything in our power to keep you from experiencing issues with these related risks, some issues are unavoidable, especially when we've only seen your vehicle for a short time.

Our tunes begin with a questionnaire asking how you use your vehicle and want it calibrated. We also perform an hour long Pre-Tune Inspection to ensure your vehicle appears ready and safe to tune.

We make every attempt to provide information you need to ensure your vehicle is ready for our services. We offer free consultations, answer customer questions daily, and provide guides on how to set up and check over your vehicle. It is your responsibility to use these tools to plan for success with us.

Deposits and additional coverage

We require a non-refundable deposit to schedule every appointment. Should you show up to your scheduled appointment, this deposit will be applied towards your total costs.

If for some reason you cannot make your appointment, please let us know as soon as possible. With 48 hours of advance (from your scheduled drop-off time) notice, we will allow your deposit to count towards the final costs of another appointment scheduled to occur within the subsequent three months. Again, we require a deposit for every appointment, and will be collecting another when you reschedule. Without adequate advance notice, your deposit will be forfeited entirely to cover our lost income from reserving our time for you. Brick Coverage is available at the time of scheduling your appointment for $100. CLICK HERE to learn more about this Coverage.

Risk Mitigation

There are some common sense items which you can check over to prepare for your tune, and reduce the risk that we will run into complications:

- Confirm your vehicle has safe tires with tread left.

- Confirm your vehicle has enough coolant.

- Confirm your vehicle has enough oil.

- Fresh oil is highly recommended for the safety of your motor. - Fresh plugs and wires are recommended.

- Confirm your vehicle has a good battery.

- Check your vehicle over for vacuum leaks.

- Check your vehicle over for exhaust leaks.

- Check to see if you are firing on all cylinders. Ask us if you don't know how.

- Send us a message if you have any codes present.

- Send us a message if you have any misfires. - Confirm your fuel pump is large enough for your power level.

- Confirm your fuel injectors are large enough for your power level.

- Ask us if you have any items on your setup that you are not sure of.

- Ask us if you are unsure of what fuel to drop your vehicle off with.

In the event we cannot tune your vehicle

If, at your appointment, we discover that your vehicle isn't able to be fully tuned, we want to be as fair as possible. This situation will be handled as follows: Should your vehicle fail our pre-tune check, we will charge to cover our time attempting to work with your vehicle. Your deposit will be applied towards this cost.

If we start tuning and cannot complete for any reason, you will be charged in full for your tune. We will offer you the opportunity to bring your vehicle back on the same setup within 30 days for a $250 retune.

If you do not return within 30 days, or if you return with any changes to your vehicle's setup, this will require a FULL retune at our regular tuning cost.


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