First Steps when getting an MPVI2

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

This guide will help you get your MPVI2 set up and registered with HPTuners, so that you can begin writing tunes for your own vehicle.

Follow the instructions included in the box to download and set up the latest version of the HPTuners VCM Suite. We will use this software and driver package to get your MPVI synced and up to date.

1) Find your serial number and verification ID - write these down, and email these numbers to To look up your serial number and verification ID, you'll need to connect your MPVI2 to your laptop with the supplied USB cable, open VCM Editor, and click: Help > MPVI2 Verification ID

2) Set up an account at and enter your serial number and verification ID.

(This section is subject to change, as HPTuners modifies their website independently) Click on "My Account" at the top right of

Under the "REGISTER" heading, enter an e-mail address, and secure password.

Once you have an account created, there are links on the left hand side of your "My Account" page. One of them is titled "My Devices". Open that page.

At the bottom of My Devices, you'll need to enter your Serial Number, Verification ID, and optionally a description of your MPVI2 from step 1.

3) Resync your device.

To Resync, you'll need an internet connection. Connect your MPVI2 to your computer. Open VCM Editor, and click: Help > Resync Interface

4) Read your current tune and save it in a safe place. Refer to our "Tips" article for some simple guidelines to help make this process easy and consistent.

Connect HP Tuners to your laptop and the vehicle's OBD2 port.

Close any open files in the VCM Editor by clicking: File > Close

Turn your vehicle's key to "Run" and click "Read Vehicle" as highlighted on the toolbar in the screenshot below.

Do not open or close doors, mess with windows, radio, or A/C during reading and writing.

When the "Read" is complete, HPTuners will display a dialog box asking you to save the file it has read from your ECU.

We recommend having a separate folder on your computer for each vehicle you will tune with HPTuners. It is additionally a good idea to keep a backup of your stock calibration, so that you can compare changes to it in in the future.


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