EcoBoost Track Tuning

6/22/19, MoKan Dragway

89*F 61% Humidity 29.69" Pressure ---------------------

DA of 3677'

Last October, Charles brought us his Bolt-on EcoBoost Mustang for us to experiment with as a test car. To this day, it's still surprising me, and has been one of my favorite cars to work with. When we launched our events page, offering free track-side tuning assistance, Charles contacted us, and wanted to make some passes with the EcoBoost. On the 22nd, the conditions were less than ideal for a high-strung turbo car, and we were still putting down consistent QUICK times.

Through logging Acceleration Rate, Cam Angles, and intake temperatures, we were able to drop several 10ths off of the EcoBoost's time, and were able to stay in front of several V8 cars in attendance.

Pulling a 1.9 60ft, lighting the tires up as the turbo spools, we're excited to see how much quicker we can get this Stock Motor, Stock Turbo EcoBoost!

This is by far one of our favorite cars we've tuned, and we are excited to see what Charles Durham does with it next!


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