COVID Response

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

While we are open for appointments, we are still taking this concern seriously. My family has pre-existing conditions that dampen their immune system, as do several of my customers and their families. Until the pandemic has ended, we will be keeping our doors closed to in-person business.

Absolutely NO in-person contact is offered at this time.

  • Our storefront will remain closed to walk-ins.

  • Loitering will not be permitted on our property.

  • Appointments (and drop-off times) will be scheduled in advance.

  • Vehicles scheduled for tuning must be dropped off at a scheduled time the day before.

  • We will provide our waiver to be signed before your drop-off.

  • Vehicle should be locked with windows closed.

  • Keys are to be left in our locking mailbox across the street.

  • Scheduled vehicles will be disinfected and stored inside overnight.

  • We will call you when your vehicle is ready.

  • Payment to be made electronically before pickup.

We will make every possible attempt to ensure you understand what is expected of you. We will be making no exceptions to these guidelines. Under no circumstance will we be coming outside or opening our doors.

Your vehicle will be disinfected with an Ozone machine as well as Lysol / Lysol wipes. Expect some lingering smell from the disinfection process. While Ozone has a half-life of about a day, the Lysol scent may last longer.

We have expanded our already in-place procedures to involve you in our tuning process, more-so than any other shop in our industry, even at a distance. While it’s your right to go about your lives and your business as you choose, it’s my right to set the terms of our working arrangement with you. It is not worth any amount of money expose my family and customers to an avoidable risk. Failure to comply with these requirements will prevent us from being able to complete our agreed upon work and will be a forfeiture of your scheduling deposit.


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