About Our Dyno

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

A dyno is a great tool to have for finding every last bit of power available in a vehicle's setup. At our shop, we have a 2WD Land and Sea DYNO-mite Inertia dyno. Our dyno has a 20" drum that simulates the actual road load of a 3200lb vehicle. The simplicity of an Inertia Dyno leads to consistent repeatable power measurements, with load that does not vary as the Dyno warms up.

Rather than knurling, which wears away over time, our Dyno has machined traction grooves to provide THE MOST traction possible on the dyno, helping it read well over 1000 HP!

We have both Land and Sea's proprietary software, as well as YourDyno, which provides a higher sample rate. With these software packages, we have an extensible set of tools to be able to log all of your vehicle's performance data.


Vehicles can not exceed 16 Ft 2 in from front of the contact patch on the front tires to the rearmost point of the vehicle (bumper or trailer hitch)

Tires that will be on the roller must have the same circumference and must measure 6 Ft 9 in or less from the outside of one tire to the outside of the other tire Front Wheel Drive vehicles must have an open or limited slip differential.

We do not offer dyno or tuning services for diesel vehicles.


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