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Widebands (required for remote tuning)

You will need a wideband to accurately tune a vehicle. For tunes performed at our shop, we use our wide-band in place of the vehicle's factory O2 sensor.

Which wideband should you choose?

If you DO NOT purchase Pro Link, you'll want one of the following two options:

  • AEM 30-0334 - for CANBUS vehicles only (usually 2008 and later)

  • Modified AEM 30-0300 - Instructions for required modification can be found below or we offer pre assembled modified AEM 30-0300 wide-bands

If you DO purchase Pro Link, an AEM 30-0300 will work well without any modifications. Other wide-bands such as a Ballenger AFR500v2 may be used with pro-link, but we suggest avoiding the cheaper AEM 30-4110 as it does not have a dedicated analog signal ground and will not provide accurate data.

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