We want to be a resource for you throughout your entire project.

We can help you by offering additional support when you need it most. You can skip straight to a Street Tune, or take advantage of our first 2 steps, which are offered to you at no additional charge as seen below.

Step 1:
1 Hour Consultation


Meet your tuner, take a look at your current tune, and talk through your potential gains from tuning.

We'll give you suggestions for your next modifications and be your second set of eyes to help ensure your vehicle is ready to be tuned.

This is a great chance to ask questions!

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Step 2:

Startup Tune

$250 - Applied towards step 3

For a new setup (where the engine has been apart), we like to start with a startup tune.

The $250 Startup tune cost goes towards your total tune costs as long as you bring it back to us for the rest of the tune within 3 months.


You can opt out of this or even have us come to you (for a minimal travel fee)

To schedule online, choose where you want your startup tune to take place.

Step 3:
Street Tuning

Prices vary by vehicle

We always start with street tuning to ensure the best drivability.

Street tuning consist of dialing in  the fueling of your vehicle for the best driving character and efficiency. Once the character of the car is settled, we add in some power to finish it all off.

You can maximize your setup by opting to add on some dyno time.

To schedule online, choose your modification level below.

Step 4:

Dyno Tuning

$100 - Optional

Within 3 months of your street tune, you can bring back your vehicle to be dialed in on our in house Chassis Dyno, as long as it hasn't been subsequently modified, for only $100 more.


At this appointment, we'll strap your vehicle down and run it on our dyno to maximize your power levels. You'll receive a copy of your dyno chart as well. 

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