Are you interested in learning how to tune your own projects? Do you want more control over how your vehicle runs and shifts? We support you! We are open regarding our tuning practices and encourage others to learn!


In my experience, learning a new technology requires experimentation and immersion. Regular exposure and having the tools required for experimentation leads to retention. Because of this, we are structuring our support offerings to include regular content to help keep your mind fresh.


For the most in depth Remote Tuning Support experience, consider stopping in for a Break-In tune, and then work with us remotely to dial in your calibration with our 1-on-1 support package.

HP Tuners with proper licensing, a supported Windows laptop, and a high speed internet connection are required for remote support.

Tier 1 ($5/mo):

  • Access to Private Blog Posts

    • Happenings around the shop

    • Technical How-To articles


Tier 2 ($25/mo):

  • Remote assistance setting up HP Tuners

  • Access to calibrations we write for customer vehicles

  • Q&A E-mail Support

    • Q&A about software / parameter functionality

    • General guidance to correct calibration issues


Tier 3 ($50/mo):

  • Direct E-mail Support for OnKill Customers

    • Up to 3 monthly E-mail revisions to help fine tune up-to-date full calibrations

    • This is limited to parameters we can successfully calibrate remotely

      • Airflow calibration based on wide-band fueling data

        • Wide-band must be logged with HP Tuners

        • Ethanol vehicles must have a working content sensor

      • Timing Table adjustments based on knock sensor data

      • Minor environmental changes

        • Sensor scaling

        • Fan Setpoints

        • Idle Setpoints

        • Gear / Tire Changes

        • Shift Point Adjustments

    • This does not replace the need for a full tune after a mechanical change.


Tier 4 ($100/mo):

  • One hour of monthly 1-on-1 remote support

    • Collaboration over TeamViewer

    • Time can be broken up into smaller sessions, All sessions scheduled online

    • Additional time at $75/hr as needed, in .5hr increments

Contact us about our extensive remote support offerings for Entrepreneurs / Shops!