We plan for success. If you do, too, a break-in tune will likely interest you.


In order for a custom tuned calibration to be developed for your vehicle, everything mechanically and electrically must be in perfect working order. As a number of parts are often disturbed during modification, unexpected problems can present themselves after start-up. A break-in tune gives you the opportunity to safely drive your vehicle for a while, before your scheduled dyno appointment.


Many changes will render a car inoperable with a factory calibration, preventing you from breaking in and testing your new modifications. Some examples of modifications that will not operate correctly with a factory calibration are as follows:

  • Cam Swaps

  • Cylinder Heads

  • Larger Fuel Injectors

  • MAF / MAP sensor changes

  • Transmission Swaps

  • Drive By Wire throttle changes

The OnKill Difference

A startup tune from us is your chance to have Ryan (our tuner) look over your vehicle during its first heat cycle, in hopes of identify problems that would prevent us from being able to tune your vehicle during your dyno tuning appointment. As with all of our custom calibrations, we perform a best-effort check for exhaust leaks, vacuum leaks, misfires, and other common build related problems.


When we are hands-on writing a break in tune for your vehicle, we can make sure it will start and idle when it is cold, as well as after it has reached operating temperatures. One-size-fits-all bench-flashed calibrations cannot guarantee this due to the individuality of builds and parts.


We appreciate having the chance to look over your vehicle before your dyno tuning appointment. If something needs attention mechanically, We'd rather be able to give you the opportunity to fix things yourself, than have to charge you hourly to perform repairs before tuning. In the end, this saves our customers their hard-earned money, and allows us to focus on what we specialize in.

Costs: $250

Break-in tunes are $250, plus any additional vehicle specific licensing or ECU Un-locking costs, as specified in more detail with our full tunes. Additional vehicle specific licensing costs are uncommon, and are a customer's responsibility. These costs will only be charged once.

We've spent a considerable amount of time on our pricing structure to ensure you receive the value you expect from our work, while ensuring we are covered for the additional day we spend with your vehicle when opting into this extra service. This service needs to additionally be priced to provide a starting point for those of you who want a correct foundational calibration to finish tuning yourselves.

While we encourage all of our customers with moderately modified cars to take advantage of this, we especially want our VIP level customers to use this service, as it will help us deliver an even higher quality calibration. In order to promote this path, we offer a $250 discount on VIP level calibrations to those who have purchased a break-in tune for their current setup within the previous three months.


Planning on a startup tune can actually make your tune more affordable, considering that it will allow you to split the cost of a VIP level calibration across multiple appointments. See other benefits of a VIP Calibration

Break-In Tunes are all scheduled online.

Please see our COVID procedures prior to scheduling online!