OnKill Tuning is operated by Ryan Busse and Kelsi Little, to deliver professional best-practice tuning to the automotive community.


Ryan started tuning in 2006, and quickly developed a talent for working with fuel injection systems to deliver impressive results. Ryan has a degree in Information Technology, and led a decorated career in IT before pursuing a personal interest in the automotive field. Ryan's thorough understanding of EFI systems and background in technology is what sets us apart from our competitors.


Kelsi has years of Customer Service experience, and is no stranger to fast cars. With several custom tunes under her belt, as well as a heads / cam swap on her own car, there are very few topics she can't speak authoritatively on. With Kelsi on the OnKill team, you know that help is only a phone call away.


At OnKill Tuning, we believe in always using the right tool for the job. With our professional experience, we are the most qualified resource for your automotive performance needs.

Over the next year we have some goals.. 


  • Get new Dyno software 

  • Open Full Time

  • Host an Open House / Dyno Day​ - COVID


  • Stock inventory of frequently needed items

  • Offer Nitrous Refills in-house

  • Continue to sponsor local automotive community

  • Expand remote tuning support to growing shops


  • Obtain additional square-footage to expand our general installation offerings

(417) 986-5455

306 South Washington Street Walnut Grove MO United States 65770