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Dyno Bay


Wow what great people to work with if you need a tune this is the place to go! My 2004 Silverado wasn’t idling after cam swap and they fixed it no problem.

Thank you Ryan and Kelsi

- Harry

I've been to two local tuners for work on my cars. OnKill stands above the rest with their commitment to customer care and quality of service!


I love my Tune and my cars will always go to OnKill going forward!

- Michael

This is my second vehicle to be tuned by Ryan. My car was previously tuned by a reputable nation wide known tuner. Ryan’s tune made slightly more peak power with less timing, and quite a bit more under the curve throughout the rpm range!


The biggest difference is in drivability. My car feels like a new car and now has much better manners on the street. Go see Ryan, he is a great tuner and will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied!

- Jordan

Awesome shop with incredible care for the customer experience and education! Don’t hesitate to work with them remotely, It will end up being more beneficial for you over the long run!

- Spencer

What a great experience! They are a awesome team with good customer service. My truck arrived at their shop on a tow truck after another local shop couldn’t do what they promised. But Ryan and Kelsey got my truck dialed in perfect. Thanks

- Michael

I brought my LS swapped 82 C10 in to be tuned and I couldn’t have been any happier with my experience. Ryan And Kelsi are very knowledgeable and thorough on making sure your car is running at its very best and explain everything very well along the way. I will be returning and I highly recommend this shop.. OnKill FTW!!🏁🏁

- Cody

They were very honest and great people to work with

- Will

That's only the start of our awesome reviews..


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Past dyno sessions

About Us

Hi, I'm Ryan! Kelsi and I started OnKill Tuning in 2016 to deliver relaxed best-practice support for Fuel Injected vehicles. As enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the excitement that comes from customizing your vehicle. You can rely on our experience and processes to help get the most out of every modification.


A nerd at heart, I've always been most interested in the science and data behind modifying cars. I've had a number of cars over the years, and have been modifying and tuning my own vehicles since 2006. My education and professional experience working as a Systems Engineer over the last 17 years makes it easy to learn and adapt to ever evolving fuel injection and engine control systems. I enjoy getting to teach and explain both the mechanical and electrical nuances of modern fuel injection.


Kelsi has years of Customer Service experience, and is no stranger to fast cars. With several custom tunes under her belt, as well as two heads / cam swaps on her own cars, there are very few topics she can't speak authoritatively on. With Kelsi on the OnKill team, you know that help is only a phone call away.

At OnKill, we believe in always using the right tool for the job.


With our professional experience, we are the right choice for your automotive performance needs.


Please always feel welcome to reach out if you need anything.